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Hundru fall
jharkhand tourism Swarnarekha river falls from a height of 320 feet making a wonderful scene, Hundru fall. During rainy season it takes a formidable form but in summer it turns into an exciting picnic spot in Jharkhand.

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Sun Temple
jharkhand tourism The Sun Temple is in the form of huge chariot with 9 wheels on each side and seven life like horses. There is pond worship for the Chhathavratis. It is about 39 km. from Ranchi, the capital of Jharkhand, on Tata Road near Bundu.

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Hazaribagh National Park jharkhand tourism
Park which is 19 km from the Hazaribag town and 91 km from the Ranchi airport, is adorned with scenic beauties. The park has tigers, panthers, sambhars, spotted deer, bisons and a number of mammalian faunas .

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  Wild Life

Betla National Park
jharkhand tourismPalamau's Betla National Park offers a fascinating atmosphere of wild life in natural surroundings combined with forests, hills and valleys. It is one of the golden spots in Jharkhand tourism map.

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  Wild Life

Parasnath hill
parasnath jharkhandParasnath hill which is 4431 ft is the highest mountain south of the Himalayas. It is also a wild life sanctuary and a very acient jain temple is located at the hill top. All this makes Parasnath one of the best tourism spots in Jharkhand

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Khandoli Park
khandoli park jharkhand Khandoli Park is a famous picnic spot, 8 km north-east of Giridih. Tourists can enjoy facilities for boating, rock-climbing, kayaking elephant & camel safari. Watch tower which is 600 ft high offers a pictorious view of site.

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Nakshatra Van
jharkhand tourism Nakshatra Van in Ranchi is constructed in the year 2003. It is a Designed Project in which 27 plants been planted according to the 27 planets of Astrology Science. Other tourist attractions are Musical Fountain, Medicinal Plants etc.

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Adventure Tourismtravel jharkhand
Latehar District has always been the No.1 destination for Adventure Tourism in Jharkhand. Also lakes in and around Ranchi also provides boating facilites. Tourists can also try rock climbing, parachuting etc.

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Dasham Fall
Dasahm fall jharkhand Kachni river falls from an altitude of 144 feet near a village called Taimara makes Dasahm fall. The pools at the bottom of the falls are favourite picnic and bathing spots. It is 34 kms from Ranchi on Ranchi-Tata Road.

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